Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extremely inconvenient surgery, what do?

I like exercise. I swim and run and go to the gym a lot. However I have two fairly minor surgeries coming up within a week of each other. 

The surgeons don't want me to break a sweat for a collective three weeks in a row. As you can imagine, I am unimpressed by the proposition - not least because, as respected and highly competent as these particular surgeons are, they are likely just covering their asses for the most part and I could hit the weights again in far, far less time. Alternatively if I don't take their advise and end up back under the knife again that would put me out even longer.

Thing is I need to stay fit as possible because I'll be joining the army within a few months. Three weeks is an unacceptable hiatus. Seriously, what do?

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  1. I have quite a bit of experience in your situation. I've learned that it's much, MUCH smarter to take enough adequate time off after a surgery or illness. If you hop back into your typical workouts too quickly, you'll only end up costing yourself time. To do otherwise is pennywise and pound foolish. Do what your surgeons say and even hold back a tiny bit when you are ready to start working out again. I'll bet the Army won't even notice the difference in your fitness caused by three weeks. They'll kick your ass either way and accept plenty of dudes in below average condition. Just don't use the hiatus as an excuse to stuff your face without even taking a walk and you'll be fine.