Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is a public service announcement.

Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia. This place:

If you are visiting the region, whatever you do, don't go here!! I don't know how many times I need to return to this place, as I did recently, to properly comprehend that it is the worst, most shit-boring theme park of all time! All time, people!! That's a lot of time!

Don't do it. You have been warned.

Extremely inconvenient surgery, what do?

I like exercise. I swim and run and go to the gym a lot. However I have two fairly minor surgeries coming up within a week of each other. 

The surgeons don't want me to break a sweat for a collective three weeks in a row. As you can imagine, I am unimpressed by the proposition - not least because, as respected and highly competent as these particular surgeons are, they are likely just covering their asses for the most part and I could hit the weights again in far, far less time. Alternatively if I don't take their advise and end up back under the knife again that would put me out even longer.

Thing is I need to stay fit as possible because I'll be joining the army within a few months. Three weeks is an unacceptable hiatus. Seriously, what do?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie night.

Just got back from this. I enjoyed it a lot. Was curious as to how Gecko turned $100 mill into $1.1 bill in six months in a bear market... was a bit far-fetched but whatever. Was also curious why exactly the big reconciliation at the very end even happened, that was implausible. Please feel free to explain either of these things to me...

Anyway, if you liked the first one than this should be enjoyable for you and Charlie Sheen even makes an appearance.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Props to these guys.

Trifonic. Love their music. Discovered them randomly a few days ago. A few examples:

If you like them then you should support them.

You can get their whole album for $5. I don't know of any other digital music stores other than iTunes, but I hate the idea of Steve Jobs getting any of my money so I love these guys' independent model, quite happy to send $5 their way for a whole album. And better yet, they provide FLAC in case any of you are audiophiles like me. I could never come to terms with paying anything at all for just an mp3.

A little bit about me.

So my particular passion is health and fitness, and I think I am fairly well versed in that regard. I love going to the movies, though I'm no movie buff/critic/aficionado. I've been a student of biomedical science for several years now. I listen to a lot of electronic music, mostly trance/hard trance/hardstyle. But my appreciation for music is comprehensive and diverse some of my favourite non-electronic artists being The Police, and naturally Sting, INXS when Hutchence was the lead, Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Dream Theater, Electric Six, and pretty much everything from the Classical and Romantic periods. I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy and political philosophy. Big coffee, scotch and beer drinker.

Quick summary off the top of my head. If anybody actually cared, feel free to inquire further in to any of those topics. I love to discuss.

What the hell am I doing?

I wanted to start a blog to practise writing and see if people care about what I have to say or how I say it. So this will likely be very 'general interest' until I think of a decent way to refine my content a bit.

Maybe you'll learn something from me, maybe I'll learn something from you.